Military Spouse Etiquette – Stay Classy

classy military spouse


I am from a town that is sandwiched between two very large military bases so we have a large number military that call my town home. With that said, I know a little bit about how to spot the classy military spouse and the trashy one. Heck, some of them I went to high school with!

People have written entire books to cover the do’s and don’ts of military spouse etiquette, but to save you the hours of studying, follow these 12 simple rules and you too will become the classy military spouse.

  1. Unless you are going to the base gym, do not wear gym clothes on base.
  2. Dress classy not trashy!
  3. Show respect while the National Anthem is playing.
  4. Avoid PDA when service members are in uniform.
  5. Do not post photos of yourself on social media wearing your service member’s uniform.
  6. The service member’s PT gear is for the service member only – not you!
  7. Learn when to walk on the left side while he’s in uniform.
  8. A classy military spouse stop for colors and the raising/retiring of the flag.
  9. Avoid converting about politics, sex and religion at all times!
  10. Understand the ‘No Walk and Talk Rule”
  11. They know the proper way to address the specific ranks.
  12. Thank you notes and RSVPing is a common practice.

As a classy military spouse you not only have the same challenges a “normal” couple faces, but also you have to take on the challenge of becoming the perfect military wife. It may not be the life you always envisioned yourself living, but you cannot imagine living life with your military man.

Keep up the good work ladies and remember to always keep it classy




classy military spouse

One thought on “Military Spouse Etiquette – Stay Classy

  1. So as a military spouse and former service member, I have to say that I disagree with a lot of this. A LOT of this. I’ll post a little bit about this and the dreaded “dependa” on my blog in the coming posts if you’re interested in reading a different viewpoint. Be forewarned though, I cuss a lot, just one of those military habits thats hard to get rid of lol.

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