Cruises For Members of the Armed Forces


In my belief, everyone should take a cruise as a vacation once in their lifetime.  United Military Travel has sent my family on 5 so far!


The reason is simple….

More bang for your buck!

How else can you go visit multiple islands in one week, lounge poolside, eat AND go out every night, and please every family member at the same time other than by vacationing on a cruise ship.  

With over 19 cruise lines out there you have at your finger tips the ability to customize your military travel loan 100%; like where you want to go, for how long, accommodations, interests and hobbies, a dinner schedule, etc.


Check out the list of cruise lines you can choose from!

  1. Carnival: 20+ Ships / fun for all
  2. Royal Caribbean: 8 of the largest ships in the world
  3. Disney Cruise: Fun and family oriented
  4. MSC Cruise Line: Italy based and combines maritime traditions, culture, and cuisine
  5. Norwegian: Freestyle cruising
  6. Princess Cruises: Contemporary ships and amenities
  7. Seabourn: Creme de la creme of cruise ships
  8. Viking River Cruises: Provides cultural adventures
  9. Avalon: Takes you to another world
  10. Azamara: Deluxe cruising to exotic world destinations
  11. Celebrity Cruises: Innovative and contemporary
  12. Costa: Italian luxury cruise
  13. Crystal Cruises: Hybrid style upscale cruising
  14. Cunard: Epitome of first class and Elegance
  15. Oceania Cruises: Destination intensive
  16. Paul Gauguin Cruises: Award winning luxury cruise ship
  17. Regent: 300+ globe spanning routes
  18. Uniworld: River cruises to Europe, Russia, and China
  19. Holland America: A signature of excellence


It is my experience when booking your cruises through UMT it is best to go ahead and have yours and your families passports and drivers license available if traveling out of country.  It makes the whole process much more streamline.  Also, do your research before calling in so you can combine your ideas with your travel consultants to get exactly what you want.  Those tips have always helped me out immensely 🙂 

Check out UMT’s cruise section on their website here

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