Your Guide To Off Season Travel!


off season travel

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You should, but you need to understand the good, bad and ugly’s of traveling to destinations when it is there off season first.  Why?  Because you need asses if the pro’s out weight the con’s before you book your trip – otherwise you may find yourself up a creek without a paddle!


Total cost savings is undoubtably the most obvious reason why off season travel is attraction and according to research it is true that hotels and attractions need to lure more travelers during this slower period.  Meaning they will offer better discounts and perks to entice you to choose them over the competitors.  BUT this means you should book directly with them instead of booking through a third party such as Expedia or

I have found this to be extremely helpful and it has landed me in some of the top hotels and attractions for less money and also less people.  You try doing that during the high season!

Speaking of high season, it is important to remember that sometimes a destination’s high season may not actually be the best time to visit because it also means school will probably be out.  Do you really want to share space with hordes and hordes of school kids??  I sure don’t…

For example, Orlando Florida’s off season tends to follow school calendars making the best time to visit when school is in session.  The best way to handle this is by saving up a few of your child’s sick days and using them for a vacation!


The weather often times in often season travel can be unpredictable and down right nasty, hence the reason no one visits there that time of year.  A great way around the weather is to choose attractions that will not be interrupted due to inclement weather….simply plan ahead.

Also, purchase traveler’s insurance.  I recommend doing this overtime you travel, but most certainly for off season travel because you could literally save yourself thousands if the worst happens.

The main draw back to many people in off season travel is that some of the main attractions, national parks, shops, restaurants, and even resorts may be closed or close early.  But, good news is that some destinations have attractions that are specific to off season travel like swimming with Whale Sharks or animal watching.


The experts with USA Travel News recommend:

If you’re planning a trip to Europe, consider a wintertime visit. Though the region’s cultural capitals will be chilly (think ParisRomeLondon), these locales offer plenty to do indoors. If you’re looking to stay stateside, you’ve got plenty of options here, too.

Sutherland and Jaronski recommend theme park-heavy Orlando, Floridafor shorter lines, slimmer crowds and lower lodging rates during the city’s off-season (the months of May and September). Brave Chicago‘s winter chill and you’ll be rewarded with budget-friendly hotel and flight prices, plus plenty of indoor activities (including Chicago Restaurant Week), according to Michael Samm from Choose Chicago. The Finger Lakes region in New York is often considered a summer destination, but the area also boasts affordable skiing and lodging in winter and a variety of winter festivals, according to Valerie Knoblauch of the Ontario County Tourism Bureau.

Most travelers flock to Colorado‘s ski resorts over the winter holidays (which can stretch from Christmas through President’s Day), but there are plenty of days in between and early in the season — considered “off-peak” — where deals can be found. If you time it right, you can enjoy the same winter activities, while scoring better lodging rates, ski-free deals, cheaper airfare and shorter lift lines.

“Our guests who travel to Vail during these time periods say that they find the mountain is wide open, it’s easier to get reservations… and they have more time to do the things they want,” said Davy Ratchford, Vail Resort’s director of marketing.

USA News





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