Travel Deutsch: Europa Park

This is a fantastic read for all members of the Armed Forces stationed in Europe, especially Germany, as this park is a weekend escape for the family! Thanks for sharing all this wonderful info!!!

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So, we got back last weekend after having the most amazing time. It feels like a total lie to actually say we were in Germany, although technically that’s where we were. But we spent the entire time at Europa Park, an amazing amusement park that has to be seen to be believed. I do not feel like I have any greater insight into the German culture or environment whatsoever. That will have to happen another time. For the moment, what we did have was a rocking time for both kids and grown ups (but primarily kids).

My very first impression of Europa Park is that it is a cross between Disney World and Vegas. So obviously: amazing. Our hotel was called “Colosseo,” with a very subtle Roman theme. Just kidding about the subtlety. Here’s part of the colosseum ruin in the courtyard. This is totally my kind of place. Our room…

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