Whatever you love, it lives in Texas

whatever you love, it lives in texas

I am all about Texas right now!  The Lonestar state is a FANTASTIC choice for your summer vacation because whatever you love, it lives in Texas!

Its funny how synchronistic the universe is, one of my friends mentioned visiting Texas this summer, and then Texas starting appearing all around me.  A sign from the universe that I need to plan a trip maybe???

Since I have never been to the state before I thought I would share my research with my fellow readers.  I started out by Googling the most popular attractions in the state, and then searched to see if any of them were in the cities I wanted to see.  But then I realized that the state is broken into seven regions and it made me think, “how am I going to visit all of these in one trip and which region do I want to visit???”

The seven regions are:

Panhandle Plains

Prairie and Lakes

Hill Country

Piney Woods

Gulf Coast

South Texas Plains

Big Bend Country

Whatever you love, it lives in Texas

Houston is located in the Gulf Coast region, Austin is in Hill Country, Dallas sits in the Prairie and Lakes region, and San Antonio is found in the South Texas Plains.

The Panhandle plains have something for everyone!  Hike through the different canyons, drive along Route 66 through Amarillo, or shop at the more than 30 vintage antique stores along the way.

Piney Woods will delight any golfer out there, and if you play golf more than likely you have heard of this region.

Big Bend region is what I am all about!  Saddle up, and head out for a once in a lifetime horse back ride and then finish up your day at the McDonald Observatory to stare at the stars.  Whatever you love, it lives in Texas! 

Hill Country is home to the city of Austin which has quickly become a known name among millennials.  So known, that you are bound to find a new favorite restaurant, shop, and/or bar that is trendy, urban, and hip.  If you rather skip the city life or just dabble in it then check out these 16 amazing outdoor activities in Hill Country!

Prairie Lakes the shopping possibilities are endless in Dallas, which is proud to be the home of the original Neiman Marcus store and enough other upscale and hometown shops to have you browsing from dawn till dusk and beyond. The new Perot Museum of Nature and Science makes a fun day trip for everybody—kids and parents alike.

Gulf Coast region….I feel that it needs no explanation.  Just imagine beautiful coast line sprinkled with palm trees, amazing seafood, and a perfect ocean breeze.  I would park my butt right on the beach and not leave! Not only that, but Houston is just a short drive away so when beach life gets to slow for you just head to the major metropolis for a dose of city life.

South Texas Plains just needs one word….San Antonio.  This is a must see for me because I have always wanted to experience true tex-mex culture, basically I want to eat some delicious food and shop.  Also, this is where you will find the Alamo which represents true American history that would be great for the kiddos to see first hand.

Most vacations are focused around one thing – a beach, a big canyon, a few skyscrappers – you get the idea.  But when you visit San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country, you’ll find a little bit of everything: roller coasters, 300 year old missions, lavish resorts, scenic wineries, and the largest outlet mall in the nation, not to mention a whole lot of things ordinary vacations wish they had. source 

In order to see everything in a one week vacation I recommend flying into Austin because it is centrally located to all the regions, renting a car, then working my way left after hanging in Austin a couple of days.  To end your trip, fly out of San Antonio because it is in the South Texas Region – meaning there is no need to back track to Austin because there are major airports in the majority of the regions.

My road trip would look something like this:

Hill Country > Big Bend Country > Panhandle Plains > Prairie Lakes > Gulf Coast > South Texas

To help you plain your vacation contact a travel consultant with United Military Travel.  They can go over with you how to fly in and out of different airports, work with car rental agencies, and even book all your hotels for you along you chosen route!  Don’t let the fear of planning your vacation stop you from actually vacationing, United Military Travel can help!  Apply here for you easy travel loan and head to Texas…….or anywhere else in the world!

Whatever you love, it lives in Texas


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