Military Travel Via Military Facilities For Leisure Lodging

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Have you ever wondered what military travel perks you get from being in the service?  A lot actually!  For example, you can save big on travel when you use companies like United Military Travelwho only accept military and government personnel, to finance airfare, car rentals, or accommodation.  Also, military lodging facilities are not just for temporary assignment, but they are resorts and beach cottages too!  Military lodges are designed specifically for vacationing military families to save money and provide a safe and fun place to stay.

You have a few different options of accommodations type…

Installation lodging – These facilities are generally designed for service members traveling on official business or families with permanent change of station orders. Located mostly on military installations, these facilities will usually take vacationers on a space-available basis, but you may not be able to make advance reservations.

Recreational facilities – Built to serve service members and their families for short or long getaways, these may range from a lodge on a mountain lake to an oceanfront cottage in Hawaii. Many recreational facilities offer rental equipment, fishing charters, tours or other services specific to the area, usually at an economical rate. Eligible personnel can make reservations, but availability varies from facility to facility.

Resorts – With first-class amenities, these facilities offer a true resort experience. Military resorts are located in popular vacation destinations such as Disney World® and Hawaii, and in areas with a large military presence, such as Japan, Korea and Germany. You can usually make reservations, but timing is critical. If you plan to travel during peak periods, make your reservations as far in advance as possible. Rates are based on rank and duty status and are generally far lower than comparable civilian lodging.

Nongovernment-owned hotels – Managed by organizations serving the military community, hotels such as the Marines’ Memorial Club in San Francisco (800-562-7463) or the Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club in New York (800-678-8443) serve active duty and former service members. These clubs are not military lodging facilities but private nonprofit organizations.


Navigating the ins and outs of military lodging facilities will take time, as you will need to find out your eligibility, compare costs, and check availability.  To be eligible to use these facilities is a lot like the eligibility requirements for a military travel loan.  In general if you are an active duty service member, a retiree, Guard or reserve member, DOD civilian, or family of any of these you will be eligible.  But, depending on which branch of the service you are in and your status will determine how and when your reservations can be made.

If time is something you do not have a lot of then utilizing United Military Travel will beneficial to you.  Once you establish your travel loan, you will tell you travel consultant everything you want and need in your trip, and they go from there.  Typically, if all your ducks are in a row, your trip can be booked in one day.  The more specific you are and sure about dates, passengers etc the better United Military Travel can do their job.  Travel loans are a fantastic way to save money traveling because not only can you pay them back early with no penalty, but you do not have to wait.  You can travel now and pay later, so nothing can stop you from living life.

Start planning your military vacation….

First, determine when and where you want to go.

Next, are you eligible for a military travel loan and access to military lodging?

Then, apply for your military travel loan here 

Finally, book your trip!

United Military Travel


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