Summer vacation + Hurricane Season…Where Can Travel Loans Take You???

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The answer is : everywhere! Travel loans can take you all over the Earth but, you always need to take into consideration the different seasons.

Today I was going to write about some dreamy blue Caribbean Island to visit like the Turks and Caicos because I can basically feel the trade winds on my face, but then I realized this Monday is the start of hurricane season.  So, that means if you are looking to book a Caribbean vacation, you need to book it for the winter or spring 2016.  And hey, the early bird catches the worm…..start researching now and nail down your winter break now.

As of June 1, the east coast of the U.S. will be under constant threat of hurricanes that could in an instant ruin your family vacation, so you need to take that into consideration before planning any trip.

For example, if you want to book a rental house in the Outer Banks or Florida Keys anytime this summer understand that the beach will have a mandatory evacuation should a hurricane happen.  Mandatory evacuations means that all visitors have to leave….they don’t care how much money you spent on your rental house….you gotta go… with no refund.  Insider tip: purchase insurance

But given the history of hurricane season, most storms hit our coast August to October, so any time before then you should be safe.

Where should your travel loan take you this summer that will provide the least amount of risks for natural disasters???


West Coast

National Parks


Disney World

* The mountains in the summer are, in my opinion, the best time to visit.  You can visit wineries, orchards, camp, hike, and even go for a hot air balloon ride.

* California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming are 5 of the most beautiful states in our country and offer AMAZING summer adventures.  There are national parks in all of them so take the kids on a tour of Joshua Tree, Yosemite, or Yellowstone.

* Europe in the summer time is simply delectable.  Visit multiple countries via train like England to France to Switzerland.  Or fly to Italy then hop on a cruise ship and cruise around the Mediterranean.  United Military Travel can book all your airfare, car rentals, train tickets, and cruises.  Apply here to book your European summer vacation today! 

United Military Travel provides travel loans for European cruises everyday, and has special contracts with the major cruise lines that give military service members the best deals possible.  Not only that, but United Military Travel is an expert in family vacations.  By providing a travel now and pay later service, it gives the family more liquid spending cash to have on hand rather than spending all of it just on getting there.  We understand the importance of creating memories with your kids that will last a lifetime, and we want to make sure each family has that opportunity.   Did you know that Military travel loans are not only for vacations, but also for emergency travel, leave, and military dependents and/or friends. So no matter where you want to go and no matter the reason, you can rely on a military travel loan.  Apply here!

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