10 Travel Tips For Military Families On A Budget

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Lets face it, whether you are a military family or not everyone is on a budget, but travel does not have to take a backseat in your life.  These 10 simple travel tips can help you travel more on less money!

1.  Gas, Petrol, Fuel, Juice….

No matter what you call it you need to get in tune with your car’s gas consumption in order to predict how much you will need to spend in gas.  It is a good idea to know how many miles you will be traveling total to calculate with the number of miles you get per gallon in order to budget for gas.

Here are some tricks to saving money at the gas pump…

*Purchase gas earlier in the week because gas prices are raised right before the weekend starting on Thursday.

*Fill up early or late in the day because the heat makes the gas less dense which means you are not getting as much.

*Always pay with cash because many gas stations will give you a hefty discount when you have cash.

*If you don’t want to pay with cash, choose a rewards card program so when you fill up you are earning points.

2. United Military Travel for airfare, car rentals, hotels, and event tickets

United Military Travel currently works with all of the major airlines and has negotiated contracts with major consolidators all over the world. How does this benefit you? We can offer Military Discounted Airfare Tickets, Military Discounted Hotel Reservations, and Military Discounted Car Rentals. United Military Travel is able to offer the best Low Price Guarantee in the entire Military Travel Loan Industry. Using United Military Travel allows you to travel now and pay later leaving you will plenty of cash on hand for the trip! Call 866-582-9579 to speak to one of our knowledgeable travel loan consultants or apply now for an easy travel assistance loan!

3. Seek out military discounts on the places you want to go and things you want to do.

Militarybenefits.info is a great source for finding military discounts as well as United Military Travel.  Take advantage of you military perks and save some money!

4. Take advantage of the free 4 day weekends

The Army typically provides the soldiers each month with a four day training weekend that lasts from Friday through Monday.  Take advantage of this time so you do not have to tap into your soldier’s leave account.

5. Commit to small lifestyle changes to save money for travel

If you hold traveling as close to your heart as I do mine, then changing a few things in your life to save money won’t be that hard.  When I decided to start saving more money for traveling I chose a specific area in my family’s life that we could cut back on, and that was eating out.  What I did was figure how much money we were spending each month on take out food, and in the beginning of the month I simply took that amount out and stashed it away.  So basically, each month I am putting $70 away in a travel fund as opposed to eating junk food.

6. If you are stationed in Europe – use public transportation 

Public transport in Europe is a primary means of getting around, and since Europe is much smaller than the States it is logical too.  In Germany, kids travel for free on trains till they are 15 years old!  So before you decide to fly, check out other options of transport.

7. Stay like a local

I am a HUGE fan of Airbnb.com and Homeaway.com!  It is a fantastic way to save money while traveling and gives you more room for the family to co-exist without killing each other.  Staying in a home rather than a hotel provides you with a chance to cook your own meals which can save you up to $100 or more a day.  Having to feed your entire family while on vacation is one of the greatest expenses – average each meal will cost around $10/pp 3 times a day.  Family of four – thats $120 a day!  When you rent a home, visit the local grocery store and spend a total of $200 for the entire trip!  United Military Travel offers amazing deals on vacation rentals in Orlando that are close to Disney.  Just like with Airbnb, these homes you can cook your own meals in and they also come equipped with swimming pools for ultimate relaxation!

8. Travel in the off season

No matter where you want to go, traveling during the off season is always going to be a much better option.  Is it always the best option though?  Not really.  Who wants to go the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the winter.  Not me.  BUT their spring and fall is actually much nicer than their summer.  Cooler temperatures, less crowds, and better rates.  Same goes with Florida.  If your children want to go to Disney World, I would suggest taking them in the shoulder seasons for cheaper rates, shorter lines, and better weather.

9. Research all the attractions that are closest to you.

Whether you are stationed in Europe and Paris is only a two hour train ride away, or you are in California with Big Sur just a 5 hour drive away.  Take advantage of what is in close proximity of you.  A general rule of traveling is that the further away you go, the most expensive the trip will be.  As soon as you factor in airfare, your trip just got a whole lot more complicated and pricey.  But I am a firm believer that since you cannot take money with you in the end, why not use it to do everything you dream of.  Life is to short to be afraid to spend money.

10.  Finance travel

Like I said before, travel finance companies like United Military Travel offer excellent opportunities to travel now and pay later.  Finance experiences and start traveling today to live a fuller life and provide your family with memories that will last a lifetime!  Apply here for your travel credit!

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