How To Love Your New Duty Station!

So you just got the news, the move that you knew was coming, is official.  It is time to pack up all your belongs, say goodbye to your friends, and move to a new “home”.  Well, what if you don’t want to leave, and you love the home you have now.  Unfortunately, tough cookies…tis the Military life.  The good thing is this: you have complete control over your life’s happiness. This phrase may be overused but, I love it: When life gives you lemons…make lemonade.  I have moved a lot over the past 10 years so you would think it would get easier, but it just doesn’t.  Moving is hard, it always will be.  These 7 tips I am going to share with you are the exact tips I follow when I move.  I hope they help you as much as they do me.

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1. Here is the biggest obstacle in my opinion.  Getting to know the lay of the land with an infant in tow.  

The good Lord did not bless me with an internal compass so just finding simple things like the grocery store is, closest gas station, speciality stores, schools, hospital, etc. is like a scavenger hunt.   Finding all the places to purchase things to make you feel more at home is important to me, but the problem is that I find this to be the most challenging because my son goes with me wherever I go, and he hates it when the car stops.  And, I certainly do not want to drive around for hours when the outing should only take 30 minutes.  But reality is that I will have to get lost a few times to understand my new surroundings.  Lets make it fun!  When you need to go out, anticipate a longer time frame, and a few wrong turns.  And who knows, you may just stumble upon a place that you fall in love with that could turn into your secret spot!  Everyday could be an adventure!

2.  Buy local

Mix together items from home with the local flavor.  The worst thing you can do is live in the past by completely blocking out your new world.  Do the exact opposite by bringing it in your home.  It will make you feel that you are mixing with the culture and hopefully bring you a new understanding.

3.  Change

If leaving your beloved home wasn’t enough change, I suggest you do something that you wouldn’t usually do.  Why?  Because, what better time than the present to re-invent yourself.  For example, you always wanted to work as a barista or start a book club.  Do it!  You will meet a ton or people and that is exactly what you need.  The worst thing you could possibly do it staying coupled up and secluded from the outside world.  Embrace the world and all the beauty it can give you!

4.  Befriend someone

You may have the idea in you head that you are the one that needs to be befriended, but take action in your own hands.  If you see someone that you thinks could use a friend, be that friend.  You never know if someone else is going throughs something harder than you, and by you showing compassion you will receive compassion.

5.  Find your groove

Your groove is important but your groove makes you thrive.  You must thrive in order to succeed and be happy in life.  Find what makes you happy, whether it be a place, a person, a routine, etc. just find it and stick to it.  Incorporate your family into your groove because you of course want to share your happiness with your loved ones!

6.  Weekend getaways

If you are stationed overseas in countries like Croatia, Germany, Japan, Italy consider yourself lucky!  You have the world at your fingertips so take your family on weekend jaunts to places others just dream about!  And if you are still in the U.S. you can do the same.  America is such a beautiful country, get out and explore it!

7.  Travel Loans 

AFTER you have found your groove, then fly in some friends or family, but only after you have acclimated.  If you bring them in to early, it could make all your progress disappear so only accept visitors once you are strong enough.  Contact United Military Travel when you feel ready and they can fly friends and family to you or send you back home.  Military travel loans are not just for the service member but also for their dependents, friends, and family.  Use your travel credit as you wish.  United Military Travel’s contact number is 866-582-9579.  Apply for travel credit here.

Myself and everyone at United Military Travel sincerely wants to help make your experience at your new duty station more enjoyable, so please feel free to reach out.  I am always here to chat, to give advice or suggestions, just leave a comment and we can discuss whatever is on your mind.  And if you just want to get away, let United Military Travel book your escape.  It is a streamline process that will give you instant gratification.  From experience, when I was far away from home, the only thing that kept me going was knowing that I was traveling home soon.  We are here to help!


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