Las Vegas Military Travel Loans and Survival Tips

Military Travel Loans Sin City

 While this city terrifies me just a bit, it is still one of the most popular destinations in the entire world.

 What is it that attracts people?

 The flashy lights?






The extravagance of everything?

Whatever it is that attracts you there, these tips from United Military Travel will save you time and money!

Let starting with Military travel loans for hotels.

 This quote from the Las Vegas website cracks me up!

“Let’s face it. You gotta have a hotel room in Vegas, whether you end up sleeping in it or not. If a decadent suite for quiet little naps between adventures is not your thing, just go for a $29 a night cubby with a sink and a bed and call it your staging area. From luxe to “at least there’s no hair in the bathtub,” we can hook you up with the room you want in just about any Las Vegas hotel, and at the lowest rate you’ll find anywhere.”

When booking your Las Vegas getaway, go ahead and splurge on your hotel because with United Military Travel’s “travel now and pay later” service, you can afford the luxury AND the fun.  You no longer have to choose between the two….you can have both!  United Military Travel is the pioneer of military travel loans! Unlike most of their competitors, they are not limited to financing airfare or specific travel packages; they can accommodate you with cheap hotel reservations and resort loans! They offer military and government hotel reservation financing for all the major hotel chains and thousands of resorts! United Military Travel works with an array of companies to make sure we are getting you the cheapest prices for your hotel stay! United Military Travel books 2-5 star hotel accommodations to be certain there is a great hotel stay for every budget! They can even book your stay at an all-inclusive resort! As always, United Military Travel’s account consultants will make sure you are don’t need a down payment at the time of making the reservation and they will make sure that your affordable monthly payment fits into your budget. Don’t wait a minute longer to take the vacation you deserve! Submit your military travel loan application and start packing for your vacation!

The Venetian

 Here you can expect exceptional Italian elegance around every corner (and every ceiling).  The entire resort was built around the concept of Venice including offering venetian canals where you can ride gondolas.  Everything was built to make you feel like you are in Italy so if you cannot visit the country, visit Vegas.  Also, the resort boast 20 different award winning restaurants so whether you choose to leave the hotel or not you will never go hungry!

 Rooms start at $149 for a Luxury Suite with 1 king bed – Booking with United Military Travel can give up free upgrades so contact them today!


Here is where you will find the iconic fountains that represent Las Vegas.  Not only is the exterior lavish but when you step into this luxe resort you will find one of the coolest ceilings made of glass along with a botanical garden and conservatory.  And if you are an art lover the Bellagio has a gallery of fine arts that rivals some museums.

  Wynn Las Vegas

 You will be greeted with a brillant golden facade that hints of the beauty inside.  The hotel was built to offer everything you could every want to do in Vegas and in many ways it succeeded.  It offers lagoons, water falls, rooms with floor to ceiling windows, world class restaurants, a Ferraris store, an 18 hole golf course, a 3 acre lake and many more perks.


 > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Top 5 Las Vegas Survival Tips

1.  So when it comes down to dining out and nightlife, the general rule of thumb is to ALWAYS make reservations well ahead of time and put your name on the party list.

2.  If you are going to try the celebrity chef restaurants you will need to call ahead prior to arriving in Vegas and make a reservation.  Also, when you get there (the day of is fine) which ever clubs you would like to party at put your name on the list.  Then if you want to attend Vegas’s specialty shows buy tickets before you arrive.  Everything is in high demand there.

 3.  The best way to recoup after a night of debauchery is to stuff yourself at one of the many world class buffets and then lounge by the pool until you are ready to do it all over again!  Keep in mind that you do not have to stay at the pool in your hotel, many hotels there will let you use their’s either free or for a small fee.

4.  If you arrive before you check in time have no fear, your hotel’s concierge service will take care of your belongings so you can go explore until they are ready for you.

5.  Purchase a souvenir cup for your beverages so you just pay for refills after your first purchase.  Also, keep hydrating yourself by refilling your water bottle inside at a water fountain to save yourself the $5 each time you drown a bottle.

Contact United Military Travel today at 866-582-9579 or visit their website for an online Military Travel loan application.     

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