Top 5 Reasons Why United Military Travel Should Book Your Honeymoon!

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Don’t wait for your honeymoon….Carpe Diem and book today!

In case you didn’t know…United Military Travel rocks…in soooo many ways!!!

# 1 reason they rock: They love to spread the L.O.V.E.

Honeymoons are one of their specialties and believe me, they know how to add the romance.  How do I know?  Because, they booked mine!!!  One thing, UMT is passionate about is serving those who serve our country in the best way possible.  And to do that, their mission is to give each one of their clients the best, most unforgettable vacation they have ever had.  When you talk to your travel consultant and explain that you want to book your honeymoon they will do their very fit every detail you want into your trip.

 Why not call them now at 866-582-9579 to learn more about how a travel loan can give you the ultimate honeymoon???

Or apply here!

Top 5 Reasons You Should Book Your Honeymoon Through United Military Travel 

1. They truly are invested in your happiness.  

You are not just another client in the system but when you book through United Military Travel you become a friend.  You will call your travel consultant by their first name, share personal stories, and create a rapport with one another to ensure your personality shines through your trip.

2.  Quality.

A honeymoon is a sacred trip and you want it to be perfect.  So why choose a sub-par company?  UMT is a high quality finance travel agency that will give you high quality trips.  We only book hotels/resorts that are three stars and higher, and flights with short layovers and minimals stops.  You want a quality trip, go with a qualified and reputable company like UMT!  You can read reviews here!

3.  Connections….it truly is all about who you know.

United Military Travel currently works with all of the major airlines and has negotiated contracts with major consolidators all over the world. How does this benefit you? We can offer Military Discounted Airfare Tickets, Military Discounted Hotel Reservations, and Military Discounted Car Rentals. United Military Travel is able to offer the best Low Price Guarantee in the entire Military Travel Loan Industry.

4.  Travel Now and Pay Later

This is why we chose United Military Travel to book our honeymoon.  We didn’t know have the extra cash to take a vacation but we could afford monthly payments.  So viola!  We called in a month before we wanted to go, applied and within the day we had our trip to Ecuador booked!  It is so hard for us to put money aside and say that it is a travel fund because so many things come up that cause us to dip into the “fund”.  That is the beauty of UMT – you book the trip and pay as you go!

5.  Credit Schmedit!!!

Are you worried about your bad credit history? United Military Travel is still able to get your travel loan approved even if you have bad credit history! How? We base your approval on your military and government pay information and your debt to income ratios. They are passionate about making sure that your military travel loan payment doesn’t put you in a financial bind, and their lenders are very forgiving with past credit history! United Military Travel currently has a 97.9% loan approval rating!

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