April = Military Child Appreciation Month

Lets salute all the Military kids out there for they are strong, courageous, resilient, brave, and Patriotic!  

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Throughout the entire month you should honor every Military child you know by celebrating their lives and individuality.  Day after day and year after year they deal with the hardships of moving, making new friends, and creating new homes, so for one month let them know how important and wonderful they are!

From deployments to new schools, military children are faced with unique challenges that ordinary youth their age do not experience. In an effort to recognize the hard work and applaud the courage of military children, the Department of Defense in 1986 deemed April as Month of the Military Child.

The Month of the Military Child observance is an opportunity to thank children for their support and recognize the importance of their role in the strength of the Army family. MOMC also reaffirms the Army’s commitment to ensuring excellence in schools, childcare and youth services, along with providing a strong supportive environment in which children can thrive. Read more here to find activities going on near you!

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If only everyone could be as strong as Military children, the world would be a better place!

I personally do not have a Military child, but I do have a few friends that grew up Military brats and they are some of the most awesome people I know.  Yes, they have described the many challenges they faced growing up but, more often they talk about how amazing their childhood was.  They grew up traveling, speaking different languages, trying different foods, and seeing the world through a child’s eyes.  The last one is the most impressive to me.  Most people only see the world through their adult eyes and process their experiences through their worldly brains.  But when you are young and the world becomes your home you see it through fresh, un-compromised eyes that allow you to form your own opinions way before society can tell you any differently.

Honestly, I am trying to raise my son the way Military kids are forced to grow up…..

Here are the qualities of a Military kid that I want our little Noah man to have…

1.  Well-traveled.  

Some kids will have visited AND lived in more countries than your average adult has ever dreamt of thus creating a well cultured mind.  I can only hope that Noah will know the world the way some kids do.

2.  Multi-lingual

Whether the child becomes fluent or knows just enough to hold a short conversation in German, Italian, or Croatian that is more than what many Americans do in general.

3.  Worldly Network

By the time they are 18 they will have so many friends around the world to support them in their travels.  They will undoubtably be blessed with the wanderlust bug so when they decide to see the world on their own, they can use their network of friends you created for them.

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