Military family back in Eastern NC!!!

Some of the best news of the year came to me a few days ago….my dearest, lifelong best friend and his beautiful family received new orders stating they would be returning to Eastern North Carolina!

Four years ago, they embarked on a journey to the Pacific to live on the island of Okinawa and their mission was to make it their home.  Well, they certainly achieved that, leaving their friends and family behind they exchanged their solemn vows, and turned their duo into a trio.  I asked John if it has been hard starting a family so far away from their families and he said that there has been struggles but nothing that they couldn’t handle.  Then his wife told me this, “One day I will be able to tell my daughter before she was 6 months old, her toes were in the Pacific Ocean, East China Sea, & Atlantic Ocean.”  That to me is priceless!

Their return has made me think about what I would do if it were my family in their shoes.  Would we return home to raise our family close to the grands or would we choose to live all over the world?  The benefits of being with your family are a no brainer but when I think of being given the opportunity to move abroad and already have a job lined up seems pretty cool too.  Plant seeds, nurture them, and watch them blossom.  Or buy mature plants…. This is a decision military families face everyday, and good Lord it is a hard one!  Personally, I am super happy they are coming home but thats just me being selfish!

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  Crystal blue waters….Or….

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Crystal Coast, North Carolina

One of the main obstacles of being so far from home (in my opinion) is being able to afford the airfare…

How would you purchase the tickets?
Military Travel loans are a great choice because you can travel and then pay later.  You also, can book in advance or last minute!  Having the option to finance travel allows you to keep your spending cash as spending cash rather than using it all on the tickets.  Often times, companies like United Military Travel, can find you cheaper tickets, car rentals, and hotels thus creating a more affordable trip!  If you visit their site you can apply directly and within minutes a travel consultant will reach out and go over exactly what you want.
This method is great for families stationed overseas or even cross country when they want to visit family and friends or take a much needed vacation.  Another perk of this method is that you can fly your friends and family to see you.  The person traveling can be anyone, but just remember YOU would be the person financing the trip….not them.  It would be your gift to them 🙂

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