Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas SOLD

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source: destination360

For all the Vegas fans out there, the 60 year old Riveria Hotel and Casino is being sold to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for a cool $182.5 million and will close on May 4 at noon.  The hotel was considered the Strip’s first high-rise resort when it opened in April 1955, and since then has provided the city with a nostalgic and historical presence among the “new” Vegas attractions.  But why sell and tear down such a historical figure?  Simple, the city needs the space to accommodate more shows among the global district.  A spokesperson for the Visitors Authority said that the city has been forced to turn away new clients because there has been no space and time slots available, which means money lost.

If you need a little help picturing the Riveria, it was the hotel-casino in Martin Scorsese’s moving “Casino”.  

If you were planning a trip to Sin City this year, I would do so before May so you can get in one last booty rub at the Crazy Girl’s bronze sculpture!  No word yet on what will become of the most photographed piece of art in Vegas but I imagine it will go into a historical art museum….or maybe wherever the Crazy Girls relocate to.

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And don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!


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