Perth, Australia

Welcome to Perth, the capital of Western Australia!
A little bit of geography…
There are 8 different states that make up continent all with a different capital city:

* Western Australia, Perth
* Northern Territory, Darwin
* Queensland, Brisbane
* New South Wales, Sydney
* Victoria, Melbourne
* South Australia, Adelaide
* Tasmania, Hobart
* Norfolk Island, Kingston

Why visit Perth?
For starters, it is a laid back and mellow city, easily navigable, and the sunniest capital in the world.  It borders the Indian Ocean, is home to some of the world’s best beaches, and a perfect Mediterranean climate.  Also, the city blends together a natural and urban setting by co-exisiting with the Swan River and Aussie bush.  
Fun fact:
Being the largest state in Australia, with more land area than Western Europe, Western Australia is sparsely populated with most of the inhabitants residing in Perth.

The best time to visit is their winter and spring seasons which means our summer and fall.  

Main attractions:

Perth Zoo
I am a zoo fanatic, especially overseas because they offer you chance to see and sometimes interact with animals you only read about in books.  Animals are amazing!  This zoo is located in the middle of the city but it also creates habitats for local wildlife to call home!

Whale Watching
This is a must as the western shore of Australia is a natural Humpback and Blue Whale migration route.  The best time for this is April through August as they are passing through to their breeding grounds.  If you do are keen on being in open water there are plenty of vistas from shore too.

Cottesloe Beach
This beach is a local favor and offers clean, crystal clear water for swimming, snorkeling, and kicking back.

King’s Park and Botanical Garden
Overlooking the Swan River, sitting on 400 hectares is the magnificent park where you can spend a whole day walking, picnicking  bird watching, etc.  The city included walk ways through out the whole park that give you great views of the bush.
*Bush: any sparsely inhabited region.

Rottnest Island
Take a ferry and spend a couple of nights on this small, exquisite island full of hidden coves, reefs, and sunsets that will blow your mind.  Accommodations range from camping, hostels, B&Bs, home stays, and resorts.  No cars are driven on the island so imagine the peaceful, natural island vibe that will rejuvenate your soul.

Check out this website for a comprehensive list of activities in Perth!

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