Pure Hawaiian

National Geographic is one website that I view a couple of times each week and today it presented me with photos that spoke to my soul.

Surfing > Hawaii > Children

That is what my soul longs most for.  My family has a deep connection with the ocean and we understand how it speaks to the soul and can wash away all negativity with one wave.  
Water is a powerful element and we are truly blessed to have the ability to share it with the Earth.  
It really is no wonder why Hawaiians are such peaceful people.  It is because they love and respect the land, the ocean, and all things above and below so in turn the Earth loves them back.

Nat Geo has put together a series of photos entitled Pure Hawaiian that shows how surfing is part of all Hawaiian’s cultural identity. 
Before the 1800’s surfing was the primary way chiefs and chiefess demonstrated their skill and courage to their people and it was layered into the society, and religion of the islands.  Once the haole and Hawaiian cultures merged the sacredness of the surfing, among other customs, started fading and all people could ride the waves.  From there you know the rest, but one thing is for sure surfing is still deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture and many Hawaiians still practice the ancient traditions in order to pass to the future generations.  

I long to be apart of such strong cultural beliefs and often feel that I was born into the wrong society.  Everything I want and believe in lies elsewhere and makes me choose between family and my hearts desires.  
Hawaiian man with traditional tattoos.
Teaching their children to love the water.

Setting the ground work.

Washing it all away.
Mind blowing.

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