How To: Travel And Make Money At The Same Time

Would you like to to make money anywhere in the world??
Do you want a job that does not involve a cubical and micro managing???

Duh, who wouldn’t!!!

My dream job includes being able to lounge in a hammock with a laptop that overlooks the Pacific…
but who doesn’t want that.
If you have an internet connection, computer and common sense you can start making money from anywhere in the world.  Or if you rather settle down in a far corner and become a “local” there are plenty of opportunities for that too.  
Embrace what this world offers and explore it! 
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Fun fact:
71% of people agree that traveling is more vital to their happiness than retirement, getting married, having a baby, being promoted, buying a car or purchasing a home.

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If you love to travel and enjoy a nomadic or less than traditional lifestyle check out these jobs that can give you more freedom.

1. Teach English
Teaching english abroad is an excellent way to travel the world and get paid to do so and their are opportunities in every corner you just have to pick your favorite.  If you are looking for a high paying job AND travel this is not for you.  But if you rather see the world, make a difference, get immersed in a local culture, and embrace the richness of your deeds rather than your wallet this has your name all over it.
TEFL jobs are the most broad and basically can be found anywhere all you need is to be TEFL certified and have a college degree of any kind!  And sometimes it is ok you do not have a degree….check it out for more info!

2.  Become an online college professor
The online education world growing at a rapid rate and you can find many colleges online and wouldn’t you know that they need people to “teach” those classes.  If you have college degree and/or experience why not give it a try.  You can also tutor online.  Just imagine sitting at a coffee shop in your favorite city while you work – sure does beat an office job!

3.  Tour Guide
This is something that is very broad.  You can be a tour guide in a museum, a city guide, a first mate or an adventure guide.  This list really goes on and on and on and you can qualify for these jobs if you are friendly, outgoing, chatty and knowledgable in the area you would like to educate others on.  Basically you just pick a destination that has a high tourist population and search out tour companies hiring or better yet….start your own!!!
The Matador Network has a great article that answers all questions you may have on the pay, qualifications etc.  Read on!

4.  Freelance 
This I feel is a popular method of trying to create portable income.  You can copy write, blog, research, write e-books, sell photography etc.  You can freelance anything really because all it means is finding work when you want to.  If you have a product to sell that can be sold from anywhere in the world at anytime you should set up a small online business and see where it takes you.  If you enjoy writing check out Freelancer for a multitude of jobs available you can do anywhere!  

5.  Design websites
Hands down I will always pay someone to help me with this as I am a dumb-dumb.  One of my dear friends is a website designer and she lives in Hawaii and as long as there is a WiFi connection she can work.  Sounds to good to be true right?  Well its not.  The first step is to create your own kick a** website to let people know your talents and then gain clients.  Always showcase your work and boom you can work from anywhere! 

6.  Manage social media campaigns
Most business have several social media campaigns but find it hard to keep up with all of them AND operate their business.  That is where you come in.  Find a company and sell them on the idea of being “virtually” stress free and once you manage one for a while and increase their traffic take on more clients.

7.  Work seasonal jobs
This is one that I know a bit about from living in the Outer Banks.  Many people live there in the summer and either travel or work at winter destinations during the off season.  I highly recommend doing this for many reasons.  Once you establish yourself in a seasonal community year off times year round job opportunities will present themselves making living in a “destination” location easier.  Also, often times you can make enough money to support yourself in the off season just with the income from a few months and if you pair your savings with other portable income sources you can travel all season!

8.  Work on a yacht
A few years back I investigated what it would be like to work as a first mate on a mega yacht and what I found is that you make killer money, travel the world via some of the most luxurious boats on the planet, and rub elbows with the rich and famous.  I was just about to sign up but the one thing I was not willing to give up was my own life and that is exactly what the yacht owners expect of you.  If you can do than you really should give this a try!  To land a killer job you will need to move to Fort Lauderdale, Florida or any other busy yacht port and hand out resumes to boat owners and establish yourself in the boating community.

9.  Create a blog
When you think about blogging do travel blogs come to mind???  There a ton out there but you really can blog about anything you are passionate about.  And once you get a set of followers you can begin to advertise on your website.  Just do it.  It will take some time but it is a fun way to work towards a final goal.  Share you photos, ideas, recipes etc and see where it takes you!
10.  International Aid Worker
Why not make difference for a living and travel the world.  If this sounds appealing to you check out international aid organizations that would allow you to visit struggling countries and help the locals recover from dire situations.  This job does require skill sets in health, agriculture, education or social work.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

My life belief is that you can have whatever you want as long as you work for it.  Change is NEVER easy because it usually involves leaving behind something or someone familiar but no one has ever said chasing your dreams is easy.

Whatever your dream is think about it everyday.  Place your dream everywhere for a daily affirmation that you have a goal and work for it.  Take baby steps everyday towards the change you want to see happen and know that anything good takes time.  

If you want to travel more and/or create a more portable income start the process now and keep it up.  You can make your life anything you want it to be!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 



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