My Favorite Drive

Do you have just one route you drive that always makes you happy?  
Do you have a destination where the “getting there” part is just as good as being there?
What makes you happy?  
No traffic?
Windows down?
The perfect playlist?
Nature spottings?
A long overdue convo with a friend?
Escaping the city?
Mine is always the road into the Outer Banks.  
I was there this past weekend because my sis and her hubby had to work the OBX Wedding Expo both Sat and Sun.   So I came down and took care of two five months old and a 4 1/2 year old plus my Dad (yes he requires care too..heehee).  At least we were in Nags Head staying at the Landings at Sugar Creek Condos as they had sound and ocean views (two of my favorite things in the entire world).
Anyways, back to my favorite drive!

Why is this drive my favorite?  
Simple: it is and surrounded by astounding natural settings.  
I love, love, love getting out on a two lane that is nestled in between fields, bodies of water or forests.  This drive gives you all of those!
There are two ways I typically enter the Outer Banks: 
From the North or South
Honestly the south entrance is a bit better for nature but both ways always provide me with some sort of viewing.

This past weekend I came down from Virginia and I do not consider this route pretty until I exit Virginia 🙂 
Basically once the Currituck County line is crossed is when I become happy.  
Honestly, it is the little things that make me happy.  Like when a Great Blue Heron flies across the road or when a Red Tail Hawk shows himself to me as he hunts for food or when Snowy Egrets fish in the flooded ditches on the side of the road.  
I am a nature nerd.

Then after driving through what seems to be one of the longest counties to get through you reach the Wright Memorial Bridge. Ahhhh….you made it!

 What lies on the other side is a slice of Heaven,  making yet another reason why this drive is my favorite.
Who wouldn’t enjoy the ride to Heaven?????

Welcome to the beach….

Up until recently we lived in Corolla, which is north of these southern beaches.  
I will never forget the smell of home when we rolled our windows down, the way the fresh air poured into our car bringing all the life back to us.  The way we both got excited and all the tiredness from the drive disappeared when we turned onto 12 North.  Those are memories that are engraved in me forever and I treasure them with all my heart.  
If you have never driven Route 12 (north or south) you are missing out.  The road to Corolla (given there is no traffic) is peaceful and serene.  

Then heading through Kitty Hawk all the way to Hatteras is just something every person needs to experience.  
The beach road showcases some of the original homes of the Outer Banks and as you drive right beside the Atlantic Ocean you begin to slip off your shoes, let down your hair and finally breath like you haven’t breathed in a long time.

12 South into Hatteras is…….
I don’t even know how to put it into words.
Life changing

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > 

Let me take a break for a minute – this post started off with just entering the Outer Banks as my favorite drive.
But it has evolved into all of the Outer Banks being my favorite.
I could drive around the Outer Banks all day everyday because it is beautiful.  Every once of it is gorgeous and makes my soul happy.

Simply put the string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina are my favorite drive.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > 
Maybe it is because I have specific memories of each drive. 
I always loved getting up with Josh before dawn for a surf trip to Hatteras.  We would pick up all his boys and reach the Bonner Bridge for sunrise.  Since it was so early we could stop when we reached the top to enjoy the sunrise and watch all the birds make their way out to sea for the day.  

And being on 12 South in the wee hours really reminds you that you are just a visitor on Earth, that we should consider this life a privilege and treat Mother Earth with the upmost respect.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > 

No matter what your favorite drive is hold it close to you.  I hold all the roads in the Outer Banks incredibly close to my heart and I am never going to let go.  

One day the same roads will be Noah’s favorite too.

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