Kauai – The Tropical Center Piece Of Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is truly special, it is an island of discovery.  You can lose yourself in the soft trade winds that carry the fresh floral scent while you lounge walk lazily through the lush greenery.  Or if you choose to kayak to a cascading waterfall through canyons and caves the oxygen rich air will follow you.  Whale watching season is from December to April so make sure you hop on a boat while there to witness the great migration of Humpbacks.  You will also see hundreds of dolphins, manta rays and sea turtles……it is a must do!
Green Sea Turtle

Humpback Whale
Things to Do

1.  Napali Coast

Hands down the Napali Coast is what comes to my mind when I think of Kauai.  The Napali Coast features emerald green pinnacles that stretches 17 miles of shoreline along the North Shore.  The only access by land this area is via the Kalalau Trail which is a 11 mile trail that starts at Kee Beach, crosses five different valleys and ends at the secluded Kalalau Beach.  The hike is challenging and many advice to break it into two days by setting up camp at Hanakoa beach.  It is also a state park so check out their website for all the hiking information you could want including camping permits which are required.  
*Hiking during winter months are discouraged. 
But no worries if you do not like to camp or hike you can still enjoy the breathtaking scenery from a boat, kayak (during the summer months) or take an air tour.  

2. North Shore

Not to be confused with the North Shore on Oahu.  Kauai guides all suggest starting your journey here because it is the island’s northernmost point and working your way south.  While there check out the historic Daniel K. Inouye Kilauea Point Lighthouse.  It may sound just like a lighthouse but it is really a wildlife sanctuary and scenic spot for whale watching.  
The best town on the North Shore is Hanalei.  It is home to taro fields, colorful shops, galleries and restaurants.  Also, it houses the best beaches on the island like Lumahai Beach and Kee Beach.  
And lets not forget about the plant lovers – head to Limahuli Garden which is part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden to learn about the native plants and take in the sweeping ocean views.  

Are you into golf?
Then head to the area of Princeville and indulge in world-class hospitality and play the premier golf course!

3.  Waimea Canyon

Aka “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. 
There is nothing else like this anywhere in Hawaii and it stretches 14 miles long, is one mile wide and more than 3,600 feet deep.  
4.  Wailua River

Kauai has the only navigable rivers in Hawaii and this one is the most popular.  The river flows from the 5,148 foot Mount Waialeale in the center of the island for 20 miles and features two popular and accessible waterfalls: Opaekaa Falls and Wailua Falls.  No matter how you see the river, kayak or outrigger canoe or boat tours look for the Fern Grotto which is a natural lava rock cave sheltered by draping ferns.  

Fern Grotto
Also, the Nounou Mountains (Sleeping Giant) is a formation on a mountain ridge between Wailus and Kapaa that looks like a human lying on its back.  

Sleeping Giant
5.  And lets state the obvious – the beaches.
Poipu on the South Shore to Hanalei Bay on the North and everywhere in between.

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Staying on Kauai
Not all accommodations in Hawaii are expensive and Kauai offers many types to meet everyone’s needs.  Choose from budget hotels to luxury resorts to B&B’s and guest cottages.  Also, remember to always look on Homeway for private accommodations.  

One reason why Hawaii is simple amazing is because it is perfect to visit any time of year.  They do not have a rainy or dry season and because of the trade winds the average yearly temperature ranges between 69 and 84 degrees.  The ocean temperature is comfortable too staying between 71 and 81 degrees – perfect for swimming and supporting all sorts of marine life!

The best way to get around the island is by renting a car.  You are going to want the flexibility and freedom this gives you as opposed to taking the shuttles.  You can stop and go where you want, whenever you want.  Also, some of the lush interior of the island is only accessible by air or by foot so you may want to consider taking a sky adventure and hitting the trails to see the true Kauai.  
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Ok now call United Military Travel and book your adventure to Kauai today!!!!!!! Mahalo!!!

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