House In A Box

 Mesocore…ever heard of them???

Well they are a company that builds prefab, sustainable, hybrid homes in a box.  

And the kicker is this…

They will deliver this house to any location anywhere in the world and be completely sustainable with electricity and running water. 

But what does that mean??

It means that you can choose any remote location in the entire world to either live or have a vacation home and not have to worry about power sources, building delays, clean water etc.  
The 1,000 square foot homes are designed to operate completely off the grid by supplying their own electricity through the 16 solar panels on the roof and trapping water in a rain catchment system, also on the roof, that holds 2,000 gallons.

Now you may be thinking “how?”
Well, the home arrives in a steel chassis (pretty much a shipping container) and the chassis are actually part of the construction of the house.  They comprise the plumbing, solar batteries, rainwater purification systems and bathrooms.  Walls and a roof are built around the chassis on a concrete slab.
“This is like a lego set.  Someone who can lift 60 pounds of weight can build this house.” ~Owner Mesocore

Also, these homes are hurricane safe.  They can withstand up to 200 mph winds but make sure you are not in a flood zone as they are close to the ground.

Finally, how much???

The only thing not included in the package is concrete.  The homes are expected to cost about $80,000 then add the shipping fees that range from $2,000 to $4,000 and then concrete.
Roughly about $100,000 to have a green, sustainable house anywhere in the world.
*Don’t forget you have to own land too…

I personally love this idea and would do it in a heart beat!  Me and my husband already have discussed the option of building a green house out of shipping containers and love it.
This takes that idea one step further by opening the world up to you AND a two week construction time frame.  

Mesocore promotes their homes for many uses.

One, the obvious, is personal use.
Two, third world country housing.
Three, provides electricity and clean water in rural areas.
Four, base camps for health centers across the world.
Five, local job growth.

The video above is of one being built in Florida so you can stay domestic if you like….no need to go galavanting all over the world if you want to stay home 🙂 

I guess the main reason I wanted to blog about these homes is because I LOVE green living.  It is so simple and yet the majority of the people in the world choose to leave their footprints all over the Earth.  

But I am simple.  I love simple living.  
I am not a consumer driven person who likes to have “things” but rather the exact opposite.
 I enjoy seeing the celestial beings in the sky, anticipating a rain storm, waking up to the songs of my resident birds and looking out my window and not seeing another building.

Here would be nice…
I want to live in one of these sustainable, hybrid homes in a box in a remote beach location, spend my days doing DIY projects and living off the land.
That would be my dream life.

Every day is Earth Day
Would someone please buy me a Mesocore prefab home???

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