Give The Gift Of Travel

What is on your list this year?

Mine consists of travel wants.

I have asked my family to pitch in a give me the gift of airline tickets.

Basically, I want a credit because I do not know when we can get away.  We will possibly travel in February but that can always change.

How can that be done?

Three ways:

If you are in the service and would like to pay for someone else to travel that is no problem.  UMT allows you to put airline tickets in whomever names you want.  You can fly with them or just send them.  It is your choice!  Giving someone wings is priceless!  Get in touch with UMT today and chat with a travel consultant for all the details! 

Airline Gift Cards

Most airlines offer cards in any denomination between $50 and $1,500.  You can buy either a plastic gift card and have it mailed or a virtual one with a personal message.  Also, you can use up to eight gift cards at a time toward the purchase of a ticket to get you anywhere you want to go.  And the best thing about these is that there is no expiration date or fees!
*If you are going to collect them make sure that they are all with the same airline.

Also, the very place to purchase the cards is directly from their website because it adds added security whereas buying them from Craigslist and eBay the cards may not actually have come from an authorized dealer.  It is best to avoid buying them in a major discount store, grocery store or warehouse club because then you can only purchase small denominations and sure you could buy multiple ones but why keep up with all that plastic.  

Purchase hotels, ski tickets, metro passes etc.

Have you ever thought about purchasing a couple nights at a nice hotel, treating them to a nice dinner or even buying lift tickets for someone who already has a trip planned? 
I try to think of things they would like but would usually not buy themselves and that is what I do for them.  Honestly, I think people appreciate that much, much more than me buying them a gadget or shirt etc.  

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

As I have grown older the meaning of Christmas has become more clear to me.  Money does not come easily and we all work our butts off for it so why spend it on stupid goods that next year we will not even want.  
The best gift in the entire world is the ability to explore the world.  You will learn more in an entire week than sitting in a classroom for a month and not to mention it is a much needed stress reliever.

Even if someone has not expressed their interest to travel why not surprise them with a note to inspire them to get away.  They may deep down need to get away but cannot escape reality long enough to realize that it is possible.  
Show them that it is!

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