The World’s Most High-Tech Hotels

Mobile technology is taking over the entire planet.  
They are not taking their time either as it was just ten or twelve years ago that apps emerged on the market.

And given the progress that they have made a decade is equivalent to a few years.  
Take hotels for example, some have begun offering iPhones as keys, payment via fingerprints and robots to store your luggage.  
What is this world coming to….The Jetson’s real life?!?!?!?!

And while touchscreens are becoming a commonality in a lot of 5 star hotels these hotels are going above and beyond….check them out!

Geek factor: Pay for everything with a biometric scan of your fingerprints.

The way it works is when you check into you register your credit card and your fingerprints so whenever you go to purchase anything on the property you will be prompted to scan yourself on a portable biometric scanner.  The system makes it incredibly hard for anyone to steal payment information etc.  Also, when guests want to register their prints any other time than at registration they can use the Facebook Totems that are placed around the hotel.
From $254 per night

Geek factor: digital recognition technology.

You will never find yourself in a “can’t find my key” situation because here iPhones double as room keys and also room locaters using digital recognition technology.  To tie into the digital theme you will find digital art installations throughout the hotel including one that creates an enormous stylized image of guest using survelliance-style shots.  
From $156 per night.

Geek factor: robots that store luggage and motion censored air conditioning.

You will not find much face-to-face interaction here because you use electronic check-in terminals where your room keys are dispensed then you can watch the hotel’s resident robot, Yobot, store your luggage.  Once you make it to your soundproofed room you will find a motorized bed that is used to save space and also air conditioner that is activated by motion sensors.  Along with the check in and rooms their restaurant, DohYo, boasts high tech qualities too.  Diners can raise and/or lower the tables at a flick of a switch.  
Fancy huh???
From $199 per night. 

Geek factor: Google Glass (free)

This European hotel was the first ever to offer Google Glass free to its guests.  If you are not familiar with this product it is a pair of spectacle frames with the lenses but with clear plastic, rectangular prisms mounted on the right-hand side.  The prism forms a virtual screen that allows you to access the internet, just like a smartphone or tablet, only with a roll of your eye rather than the stroke of your fingertip.
From $370 per night.

Geek factor: infrared sensors that protect privacy and virtual golf course.

Don’t you hate it when you forget to hang the “do not disturb” sign and the dreaded knock from house keeping comes in the middle of your bath or sleepy time?  Well not anymore, this hotel provides house keeping with infrared sensors to alert them when body heat is in the room.  Their hope is to put an end to the embarrassing post-shower encounters!  And when you do not feel like leaving the hotel check out their virtual golf course located in the lobby that boasts 50 different international golf courses for you to play.  
From $259 a night. 

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > 

No matter how fancy or high tech you want to get United Military Travel will take you to all of them!  They love booking the unexpected and unique for their clients….just call them to chat 🙂 

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