Paraty, Brazil

I am in love with this lovely seaside village!

Paraty: a historical gem that is nestled on a peninsula with secluded beaches and a background of wild jungle mountains.

Since the town is historical the irregular cobblestone streets are closed to cars making them absolutely perfect for strolling around.   The town itself consists of classic white buildings that offer splashes of Brazilian color that represents the nature that surrounds the village.  

Imagine bright colored doors and windows framed with flower embedded lattice work but with a touch of natural aging that creates elegance. 

Not only are there beaches accessible by land but take a boat out to any of the islands and coves for a day unlike any other.  You could easily find yourself the only person out there – have you ever pretended to be stranded on a deserted island???  I have and this is def where I would want to be…..or Indonesia 🙂 

When you decide to take a break from the beach head to Parque Nacional da Serra da Bocaina and hike the Atlantic Rainforest.  It is a National Historic Site and Brazil considers it one of their most prized gems and for good reason.  The Rainforest is one of the most important eco-regions in the world and a biodiversity hotspot but like most other eco areas it is considered the second most threatened biome on the planet.  Only 7% of the original forest remains.  
So why not take a hike when it is basically in your backyard!

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But where will you stay???

Party has some FANTASTIC home rentals that deserved to be looked at.  
But if you are not traveling with others it would probably be financially smarter to stay at one of the towns hotels or B&B’s.
With United Military Travel you can always use your approval for a posh suite, eco friendly cottage or private villa…..the choice is yours!

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