November Travels

It is starting to get chilly here in the South, serving up frost bitten ground and forcing us to turn our heat on.  These things really spark the travel bug in me, making me start day dreaming of warmer latitudes and yummy, tropical drinks.

And the winter hasn’t even started yet….I am in trouble….

But of course there are still things to look forward to domestically – I LOVE Thanksgiving!  What a great holiday, you get to give thanks with all of your loved ones, spend priceless quality time and all without having to give gifts.  B E S T Holiday ever!

Where you are going to travel to this month???

Check out these places close to home that would make for great weekend getaways!

PA Baconfest

This festival started up two years ago through one of the oldest running markets in the area, Easton Farmers’ Market and is operated by only two full time employees and dozens of volunteers.  Last year it hosted 60 food and beverage fenders, lots of music, lots of pig, roller derby chicks dressed as bacon slices, along with bacon related contests.  Take home with you or enjoy there bacon jam, bacon-stuffed pretzels, bacon cupcakes, cheese dip or a bacon cinnamon roll.  And if that is not enough you will have the opportunity to purchase local and sustainable fresh organic breads, produce, cheese and meat.  This festival is all about sustainability.  Their mission is to promote local, sustainable farms, farm to table food, restaurants, purveyors and to pump some resources into the city’s economy.  

Alaska Bald Eagle Festival

This November 10-16 in Haines, Alaska which is right outside of Juneau aka Valley of the Eagle.  This amazing festival is presented by the American Bald Eagle Foundation and gives you the opportunity to take part in photography workshops, live raptor presentations, listen to guest speakers and witness a releasing of rehabilitated eagle.  Between 3,000 and 4,000 eagles can be found in the preserve feeding on the late salmon run so you will not be disappointed!


November 6-9 join all your fellow yogis’ and yoginis’ in an all out funky celebration in the heart of Austin Texas!  Fill your days with live music, adventure races, city bike tours, powerful yoga classes and Suping on the Colorado River.  Whether you enjoy meditations or chakra-spinning dance sessions this festival will offer you everything you want and more.

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Don’t forget that United Military Travel can book all your travel needs for you!  Your airfare, hotel, rental car and even travel accessories!  Call them today for your pre-approval 🙂 

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