A beginning…With No End In Sight

Traveling – when and where did you begin your adventures?

Everyone has to start somewhere and when it comes to traveling that start can be from anytime in your life, when you are young to when you are old and anywhere in between.  And the destination could have been anywhere in the world. 

During your traveling “career” you will travel hundreds of thousands of miles and experience things some people only dream of.  And you will probably have experienced all the travel “oops” there are to be made and can also write a book on how to travel smart – all from experience.  

To be able to travel is a gift from the universe and it is something we should all be thankful for.

And also, it is something that we should pass along to our children.  To be shown the way is invaluable and to know that you come from a long history of travelers is something that warms the soul (at least a travelers soul).  

Support from friends and family is also invaluable because you are always going to need that one person to call while you are away to talk you through something, having free pet sitters is always nice or just having someone understand your crazy ideas and why you want to go and why you have to go right then. 

I consider the start of my international traveling “career” to have been in middle school when I volunteered with the mission group from my church to help fix up a local church in Palmer Norte, Costa Rica.  That trip we were gone two weeks and to this day I still remember everyday in detail that we were there. 

Everything else followed from there:

Costa Rica twice
Nicaragua twice
Grand Caymen twice
Cozumel twice
Greek Isles

What have I learned along the way?  I think the most important tool traveling has given me is independence.  Whether you travel in a group or solo you automatically develop a sense of independence just from being away from your normal surroundings. 

 It encourages you to:

 *Participate in activities you usually would not.
 *Interacting with a different groups of people.
 *Learn how to navigate foreign places.
  *Eat out alone or do things by yourself that are usually social activities.
*Make new friends on the fly.

*And finally, to be an adult. 

 All these things I have taught me to stand out on my own, not be afraid, how to handle situations, and to be comfortable in my own skin.

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