Even Parisians love Lyon

Lyon, France

When you think of France, what comes to mind?  
For me just one thing does and that is Paris.
But why? 
Why does Paris get all the attention?  
The quaint city of Lyon, located in the Rhone-Alps region, is a gem and many folks (even Parisians) have said they prefer it over Paris.
 Lyon offers welcoming pastel colored buildings, quirky locally owned stores, culture, exquisite restaurants, gorgeous cathedrals and museums. 

It is France’s third largest city but puts off a vibe of a small town.  And no matter where you are you will always have a cool Meditteranean breeze off the two rivers that converge there, the Saone and Rhone.  Plus, it is only a two hour train ride away from the City of Light so it makes for a perfect day trip, weekend get away or pit stop on your way south.

Also, it has earned the reputation as France’s culinary capital because of the 2,000 restaurants that will blow your mind!  Bon vivants worldwide travel to eat at Lyon’s legendary bouchons,  which is a special kind of home-style restaurant that serves you generous portions of Lyonnais cuisine and is centered around meat.  When at a bouchon you can expect to see every imaginable (and some unimaginable) part of a pig, cow, chicken or duck transformed into a delicious salad, sausage, or roast.
While you are visiting sign up for a cooking class so when you return home you can wow your friends and family with your new found French cooking skills!

Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen

According to International Living Magazine the top 3 home-style Lyonnais bouchons are:

It is known as the oldest and most authentic bouchon in Lyon.  Their cozy wooden panel interior and old fashioned exterior lets you know before hand how wonderful the meal is going to be. To match their traditional exterior their menu has kept tradition also, it has not changed in 25 years.  You can expect classic dishes such as quennelles de brochet (pike dumplings), ris de veux aux morilles (sweetbread with morels), langue de boeuf piquante (spicy beef tounge), and chocolate mousse.  Also, bear in mind the portions are large so come hungry or split a dish.

Here you will be eating family style (elbow to elbow that is) with your fellow patron at large wooden tables.  The owners are well known for consistently creating perfect home-style Lyonnais dishes that brings back locals and visits over and over again.  I bet their prices keep the patrons happy, a three course meal starts at $25 – you cannot beat that!

If you are in a rush to eat do not bother here, you will waste their time.  Before you even step into the door you will read a sign that says, “People who are in a rush are not welcome in this establishment.  Thank you.”  The point of dining with them is to relax, savor the food and enjoy yourself.  Notre Maison translated means “Our House” and it is said to be the real thing.  It is nestled in a pretty cobbled street in Vieux Lyon and offers a cozy but bustling interior exuding positive vibes and great food.  People recommend the sabodet (sausage cooked in red wine for hours and served with lentils).

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After your cooking class use your Lyon City Card to see the city!
This card is for purchase and it allows you discounted access to:
 *over 21 museums
*river tours 

*unlimited access to the metro, trams, buses and funicular
*advice from Lyon City Card employees on “unusual” tours only locals would know
*unlimited puppet shows during the day
 *discounts at departments stores 

When compared to Paris, Lyon is considerably more affordable to visit and to live.  While I would not miss a visit to Paris when in France the majority of my time would probably be here.  

Spending my days in the Place Bellecour, a vast public square the size of a small city block that hosts multiple festivals and exhibits throughout the year, people watching, drinking wine and enjoying a gastronomical meal.

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Contact United Military Travel today to enjoy a classic Lyonnaise meal tomorrow!!!

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