Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve Lodges

Huilo Huilo, Chile:

A 100,000 hectares biological reserve of temperate rainforest making up just a small portion of the Patagonian rainforest but  consisting of extraordinary biodiversity, glacial lakes, countless streams, and endangered species.
This biological reserve invites people to come visit the land and offers a number of ecolodges to choose from.  Here are my favorite three. 
Patagonia is wild and beautiful – let your accommodations be too!  
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*Magic Mountain Lodge*

The only way to enter this lodge is my the suspended bridge seen above and once you enter you step into a magic world of eco-living.  Huilo Huilo Reserve is surrounded by water and that is the main element that makes the reserve thrive the way it does.  The purity of the water was the inspiration and from there the idea of creating a mountain lodge was born.  The mountains create space for life and breeds the magic of the forest, supporting all the beings and elements that are unique and irreplaceable to that region.  

The lodge offers two options of accommodations: standard and suite.  Prices range from $120/night to $1500 depending on the amount of people, number of nights and whether you book excursions.
The amenities they offer are also pretty impressive for being so remote:
*Playroom for children
*Mini Golf
*Reading Room
*Tubs in ancient trunks with naturally heated water

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*Nothofagus Resort and Spa*

Again, here we see the trend of the earth element water.  This 35m high lodge rises to the tops of the trees and pours down a beautiful indoor waterfall from the 1st level to 7th.  It is also known for its magnificent spa consisting of a heated swimming pool with external communications, whirlpools, dry saunas and steam therapy, and a massage and pool bar. 

Hotel Services include:
*Playroom for children
*Mini Golf
*Reading Room
*International Bar
*Internet Room
*Meeting Rooms for 200 People
*Baths On Centenarian Treetrunks With Heated Natural Waters

Read more here about their prices and bookings.

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*Canopy Village*

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a canopy village in a rainforest in Patagonia??!?!!
These cabins are raised 5 feet above the ground and give you a birds eye view out of the side windows that have a special angel on them for observation.  Each cabin can accommodate 2 to 5 people and offer basic amenities like a folding table, camp bed with a sleeping bag that comes with removable fleece interiors which changes with each stay.  While you are not actually “camping” it provides you with the access to nature but with the comfort of being off the ground and having a roof over your head.  

Access their full website here!
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