Fairytales…Not just for kids!

If you find yourself in Germany take a drive down Fairytale Road and explore the castles and countrysides the Grimm Brothers used as inspiration in their folklore tales.  The same tales that have transformed the lives of children since the early 1900s.  

But for now – lets take a virtual tour…   

Neuschwanstein Castle
Inspired: Sleeping Beauty’s Castle 
Where: Bavaria, Germany
Best time to visit: July to September
Dates of operation: March 28 – October 15 9am-6pm  
October 16 – March 27 10am-4pm
Closed January 1, December 24, 25, 31
Tickets: Adults 12 Euros / Children 11 Euros
Buy your tickets BEFORE you leave for the castle in the town of Hohenschwangau below the castle.

Lohr Castle

Inspired: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Where: Lohr, Germany
Best time to visit: July to September
How to view castle: Purchase tickets to the Willkommen Spessart Museum and follow the numbers on the tickets around the castle.

Ziegenhain, Germany
Inspired: Little Red Riding Hood
Best time to visit: June – September

Trendelburg Tower

Inspired: Rapunzel
Where: Trendelburg, Germany’s Hesse region
Best time to visit: May – September
Cost: Free!

Brothers Grimm Tour
Who they are: Folklore authors whose works have been adapted by Disney and others.
Wrote: Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, The Frog Prince, Snow White
Where: Hanau, Germany
What: It is a memorial to the brothers and also the start of the Fairytale Road.

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I have to throw in these destinations also for my sheer love of the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast!!!

The Serengeti, Africa

Inspired: The Lion King
Where: Tanzania region, Africa
Best time to visit: June to Sepetember
Cost to visit park: Varies – visit here to compare all companies and prices

Chateau de Chambord
Inspired: Beauty and the Beast
Where: Loire Valley, France
Best time to visit: Late spring to catch the chateau’s gardens blooming and the fall to catch the restaurants serving their freshly harvested bounty.
Tickets: Free!

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