Best Bargain Hotels – New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami

So by now if you follow my blog you have probably figured out two things.  I love nature and love a good bargain.

Typically when I go to a “big” city I look at hostels first because the hotels are far to expensive and I do not want to stay on the outskirts of town.  

Is it too much to ask for a little bit of luxury for a decent price???? 

Now, it appears that more and more people want to save money on accommodations so hotels are now giving us “more bang for our buck”.  They realize that people are still going to travel and with different types of accommodations now available they are going to have to offer amenities to keep us coming back.

Earlier when I mentioned “big cities” I am referring to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami.  Lets check out the bargain hotels in these cities that I would stay at.

**There’s a secret to finding good hotel room deals in the biggest of cities though: think small.  Although some prominent chain properties are offering steep discounts today, even better bargains can be found at some of the city’s more intimate boutique hotels.

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New York City
Situated right along the Highline city park

Located in the Meatpacking District, which is my favorite, the hotel is surrounded by low-lying warehouses which means almost ever room has stunning skyline or Hudson River views.  Also, the hotel has two restaurants and five bars and a little insider tip is that in some rooms you can sit in the tub and see the Statue of Liberty.  You can get all this at a discounted NY City rate of $350/night.  

Los Angeles

The Inn at 657 is a verifiable bed and breakfast that offers a quaint atomosphere and most reviews have called this place a “hidden gem.”  With such close proximity to the Los Angeles Convention Center it really is amazing that you can get a generous breakfast , parking and access to their gardens for $130/night.

San Francisco

Located in the posh Nob Hill neighbourhood, this turn of the century Victorian style hotel has been perfectly resorted into a town house with 21 guest rooms and suites.  All of which have four poster beds and carved wooden furniture and while that may sound out dated to you the owners have taken great care to offer contemporary amentities.  Also, the suites are great to accommodate families sleeping four to six all around $110/night.


This contemporary “condo hotel” offers travelers a chance to like like a Miami local – that is why I would stay here.  Very sleek and eco-friendly these apartments are better suited for traveling families, long-term visitors, or people who just want a little more space than the typical hotel room.  But you have to be willing to sacrifice a few of the hotel amenities like a concierge desk and continental breakfast.  Neither bother me especially since I would have a kitchen to cook my own food.  Each space includes wireless internet, a flatscreen, a private balcony, and access to a rooftop terrace with views over the Miami skyline.  You can have all this for just $112/night!

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Just remember that before you book your accommodations in a chain look off the grid a little bit.  I promise you will find a more fun, creative, exciting, and affordable way to vacation 🙂   

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