Top Honeymoon Destinations

Let United Military Travel send you on the honeymoon of your dreams!

Ever since I was a little girl, my honeymoon was something dreams were made out of.  I think the destination changed at least 100 times but the one thing that stayed constant was that it was a going to be a BIG trip.  
Hopefully, you will only have one honeymoon in your lifetime and I believe that you should make it everything you have ever dreamed of. 
United Military Travel sends a lot of couples of their dream honeymoons each year.  It is something they are skilled in so the best advice I can give you to help off set the expenses is take out a travel loan that will allow you to pay it back over time

Take a look with me at the top 8 honeymoon destinations!

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1.  East Africa and the Seychelles
From what I can tell, a beach-safari honeymoon is the hottest thing for this year since sliced bread.  Africa is getting more and more popular – their safaris have always been their main attraction but now beaches too? The Seychelles are in the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean so you can feel like you are in the Caribbean but then take off to Africa to witness the Great Migration!

2.  Brazil
Brazil is not only a fantastic honeymoon destination but a killer vacation spot too.  The country is so diverse and offers a traveler the chance to mark multiple items off their bucket list in one trip.  They have super sexy beaches, nightlife that rivals Las Vegas, and pristine jungles.  Start your honeymoon off by celebrating in Rio de Janeiro, then relax on the beaches of Bahia, and finish by taking a river boat cruise through the Amazon.

3. Rwanda and Mauritius

It is becoming more and more common for people to create multi-destination trips, especially for their honeymoons.  If you are looking for an eye opening trip choose this combination and you will be searching for wild mountain gorillas in Rwanda then relaxing by the Indian Ocean at a Mauritius resort. 

4. Java, Indonesia

If you want a trip where you can stay in one spot and be completley satisfied, Indonesia offers some of the world’s best beaches, private islands, cuisine, and ancient temples.  You can stay at a romantic resort and still be as adventurous as you want to be.  If it were me, I would travel to Java just to go to the deserted island of Kura Kura.  There are only a handful of beach cottages and pool villas so you can be as private and romantic as you want to be!

5. The Maldives

We already know that I am a fanatic for the Maldives and if I could die and go to Heaven, it would be here.  This is the ULTIMATE honeymoon destination, who wouldn’t want to travel to an exotic island with their partner to wake up to fish swimming under your bed and stepping onto your balcony to your own private swimming area.  You can also watch the dolphins play on a sunset cruise, spend a day on a deserted island, or book a night time snorkeling adventure!  These are the things I would do 🙂 

6. Marrakesh, Morocco

My style is very bohemian so Morocco appeals to my inner self.  Between the rollings desert, ancient markets, belly dancers, and snake charmers, this city will make you feel like you are on a movie set not a honeymoon.  The whole idea of Morocco is very sensual to me, you can be wandering the markets or watching the belly dancers and feel the romance but be sure to keep it private as public displays of affection are frowned upon!

7. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Lets get domestic again for a minute, I hate to leave out destinations in our own back yard.  Jackson Hole is a great place to visit year round and for many reasons.  Spending your honeymoon here is something a lot of folks do.  According to The Knot wedding website, the town offers many “honeymoon” like activities year round.  Like taking sleigh rides through National Elk Refuge or staying at Rustic Snake River Lodge and Spa to enjoy honeymoon specials.    

8. Argentina

Just thinking of Argentina makes my mouth water for their fabulous food and wine!  Buenos Aires can offer you delectable food while taking in some of the most impressive architecture anywhere. Then to work off the calories go dance the tango, walk through the city markets or travel to Mendoza – the wine capital of Argentina!  If cities are not you idea of a honeymoon, the country offers glaciers and mountain ranges where you can choose your favorite outdoor activity and do them for the duration of your stay!


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I am curious as to where my followers took their honeymoons.  Leave me a comment on the details of yours, I would love to hear about them!

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