Croatia to Madagascar – My Top 8 drool worthy dream vacations

Travel Loans = Windows of Opportunity 

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Ok – So all of my post thus far have been about places I have ALREADY been to.  Well, the wanderlust bug has bitten me and so I need a way to “release” a little bit so I am going to list my top 8 drool worthy vacation destinations.  And since I have champagne taste on a beer budget,  I do believe I see a new travel loan in my future! 

These are in no particular order – I am just picking them as they pop in my head.

1. Croatia – Jewel of the Adriatic
    Time needed: 2 weeks
    Areas to visit: Pakleni Islands for crystal clear sea, hidden beaches, and deserted lagoons.
             Dalmatian Coast to explore Dubrovnik and island hop through the Elefitian Islands.
2.  Indonesia – Bali
     Time needed: 3 weeks
Areas to visit: Bukit Peninsula for world class surfing and beaches, Nusa Penida for the most off-beaten path of Indo as possible.  Then West Bali National Park for hiking, bird watching and diving.
3.  Maldives 
     Time needed: 2 weeks
     Areas to visit: South Male Atoll for surfing, night fishing, excursions to deserted islands.
4.  South Pacific Islands – Tahiti, Fiji, and the Cook Islands
     Time needed: 1 month
     Areas to visit: EVERYWHERE!
5.  Morocco
     Time needed: 2 weeks
     Areas to visit: North Atlantic Coast and South Atlantic Coast for the laid back vibe, and
     Saharan Morocco to ride a camel!
6.  Grecian Isles
     Time needed: 2 weeks
Areas to visit: Mykonos for a more up-beat yet romantic feel then off to Santorini for rest and relaxation.
7.  Arctic Cruise 
     Time needed: 11 days
     Areas to visit: Circumnavigate Iceland
8.  Madagascar – Africa – Dream destination for nature and outdoor lovers
     Time needed: 2 weeks
     Areas to visit: Everywhere but primarily the beaches and rain forests 🙂 

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